The Coolerist Portable Margarita Machine Just Became the Best-Selling Project on Kickstarter

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Coolerist Cooler is The Swiss Army Knife for Portable Parties

And it’s landed more than $10 million in backing!

Just take a look at the video intro the founder used to pitch his invention on Kickstarter:

Hard to believe he will be selling this life-saving device for only $180.

The Coolerist delivers pretty much every capability you’d need to get a party started on even the most remote island, beach or camping ground. Consider its many features:

  • a split-seam cooler bed that separates the ice from drier goods but keeps them both cool
  • built-in blender capable of making many margaritas (if not as well as our top picks)
  • a USB charger for your phone
  • extra-wide wheels so it can roll it across sand with ease
  • built-in straps to hold stuff to the top of the cooler when you roll it
  • built-in, powered Bluetooth wireless speaker which you can use to play music from your phone
  • everything waterproof

The Coolerist Cooler is powered by a built-in 18V rechargeable battery capable of powering a good time all day long.

To learn more about the Coolerist, check out their Kickstarter campaign.

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