Yup, I Love Margaritas

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Welcome to Best Margarita Machines!

about me imageAhoy there. I’m Mary.

I’m kind of a frozen drink nerd – I obsess over new drink recipes and high-end cocktail gear.

I built this website to expose my friends (and you) to the best margarita machines, margarators, margarita makers and frozen drink machines on the planet.

If you like to entertain at home, then a quality margarita machine will improve the quality of your life. And not just because your drinks taste better. It will help you spend more quality time with family and guests.

That’s because a margarita machine isn’t an overpriced blender. They blow ordinary blenders away when it comes to making frozen drinks, in 3 important ways:

  • they make smoother drinks: the best margarita machines shave the ice before blending it, which produces that smooth, creamy texture you find in good restaurants
  • they make more drinks at a time: most margarita machines can make and store a lot more drinks than your typical kitchen blender
  • they let your guests serve themselves: many come with dispensers that lets your guests pour their own drinks.

These advantages mean you’ll spend less time behind the bar and more time with the people you love. And isn’t that why you invited them over in the first place?

So, if you like to entertain at home or have a family that enjoys a frosty cold drink on a hot summer day (with alcohol or not), then you should definitely consider getting a margarita machine. I own a Margaritaville margarita maker myself, but I review them all.  It’s a tough job.

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