Margarita Girl Single-Bowl Mini Frozen Drink Machine Review

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Margarita Girl Single-Bowl (Mini Size)

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4 and a half stars 

Another great commercial margarita maker, from Margarita Girl.

With a 25-cup capacity, the Single-Bowl Mini Size Margarita Machine is perfect for restaurants, food trucks and large event catering that need a simple, single-flavor solution.

In terms of capacity, the Single Bowl Mini is a step down from their 100-cup commercial margarita machine, but it also means the price is much lower, too.

All other aspects – drink quality and consistency, warranty, etc. – remain the same.

Margarita Girl is a Houston, TX, company known for its great products and this one does not disappoint.

You will find the Single-Bowl Mini easy to use, great for making delicious margaritas and long lasting. Below is a look at its features and drawbacks.

High Capacity Frozen Drink Machine

If you run a small to medium-sized restaurant, then you need a margarita machine that can handle those lunch and dinner surges.

TheMargarita Girl Single-Bowl Mini is such a machine. With a single batch size of 25 cups, or around 6 liters., you can make enough to keep your customers well-served.

If you run a food truck or regularly manage large parties, you will appreciate the high capacity of this margarita maker and its relatively modest size/footprint.

For a busy small restaurant, this unit can really cut your bartending time.

For More Than Margaritas

You can make almost any kind of frozen drink you have in mind, too.

The only requirement is to have at least 15 percent sugar content, which ensures proper consistency.

Easy to Use and to Clean

Whether you are buying it for a restaurant or large home parties, this machine has no learning curve.

Once you are finished usiing it for the day, cleaning is just as easy.

The machine disassembles quickly and components are machine washable.

Durable & Sturdy

A margarita machine that makes 25 cups at a go needs to be built with high-quality components and a sturdy base that keeps the machine stable when in use.

Thankfully, Margarita Girl has created a long-lasting beast that will serve you well and last for years without any decline in performance. For example, the exterior panels are made from stainless steel and high impact plastic.

3-Year Warranty

Unlike lower-end consumer-grade drink blenders that often have a 90-day to 1-year warranty, the Margarita Girl Single Bowl Mini margarita machine is backed by a 3-year warranty on the compressor parts and a 2-year warranty on all other parts.


Margarita Girl Single Bowl Mini Margarita Maker - switchgear

  • 1/5 HP air-cooled compressor. Extremely powerful for a small margarita machine.
  • Dimensions: 20″ h x 10″ w x 12.3″ d
  • Twin Auger Mixing
  • 40 pounds in weight. This is much lighter than its 100-cup sister, which weighs almost 200 pounds.
  • 6-liter single batch capacity. This corresponds to about 25 cups, ideal for a small restaurant or large party.

Customer Reviews

For most customers, the Single-Bowl Mini Size Margarita Slush Frozen Drink Machine checks all the right boxes. It is efficient, easy to use, durable, sturdy and prepares restaurant-quality frozen drinks.

Some customers have noted a concern or two that the machine can make too much noise, especially for its size. This is due to the powerful compressor, which ensures you get the best quality margaritas.


TheMargarita Girl Single-Bowl Mini Size is ideal for those who want a high quality commercial margarita maker on a limited budget.

While the 100-cup Margarita Girl costs over three thousand dollars, this one has its price at a less than $800.

The quality and consistency of drinks and the performance are really impressive for this price, with no compromises.

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