Ninja Master Prep – Margarita Machine Review

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Ninja Prep Master 450W - hero shot

Ninja Master Prep

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4 and a half stars 

The Ninja Master Prep is one of the best & most affordable blenders you can find on the market.

On Amazon, it is by far the most popular kitchen blender, with over 7,000 positive reviews.

Overall, the Ninja Master Prep is a kitchen wonder that does many different jobs, and blending frozen drinks margaritas is one.

It does a surprisingly fine job blending ice down into a snowy texture, which means it can make creamy frozen drinks almost as well as special-purpose margarita machines that cost far more.

Not Just For Drinks

Why buy multiple appliances when a single one will do?

The Ninja Master Prep is a highly versatile appliance: it can crush ice, blend fruits and vegetables into smoothies, chop fresh ingredients, mince and dice.

The flexible nature of the Ninja Master Prep is what makes it such an extremely popular kitchen device.

That said, because the Ninja isn’t specifically designed for making frozen drinks, it does have a couple of drawbacks when compared to special-purpose frozen drink blenders like the ones made by Margaritaville.

The main downsides for using the Ninja Master Prep for making frozen drinks include:

  1. there are no speed or blending options, which you will find on higher-priced frozen drink makers
  2. limited drink capacity – this blender will get overwhelmed by parties of 8 or more people.

Surprisingly Good At Crushing Ice

Ninja Prep Master 450W - frozen drink maker

After going through thousands of reviews left by buyers, it’s clear that most of them are impressed by the ice crushing power of the Ninja Master Prep.

And it’s true: for the price, you will not find another blender that does as good a job as this one. Most more expensive blenders fall far short when it comes to dealing with ice chunks.

What is even more amazing is how quickly it does it.

Fill up the blender with ice, close the lid, turn it on and you will have finely crushed snow in a matter of seconds. Other frozen drink makers like the Nostalgia Margarator often take several minutes to crush ice this fine.

That said, the main limitation of the Ninja Master Prep is the amount of drink you can make per cycle. It’s not that much.

Advanced Blade Technology

One of the reasons why the Ninja Master Prep has such an excellent performance is because of its blade technology. The blender uses a stacked blade technology that ensures whatever is in there gets the full treatment.

Instead of the usual blender design with blades at the bottom, the Ninja Master features stacked top-down blades. This technology allows for as much improved performance over traditional blenders.

Chopper Bowl and 48-Ounce Pitcher

Ninja Prep Master 450W - two containers

There are two main components to the Ninja Master Prep; a 16-ounce chopper bowl and a 48-ounce pitcher.

The chopper is used for slicing, dicing, grinding and chopping foods such as vegetables.

The 48-ounce pitcher is perfect for preparing margaritas and smoothies, if only for a small number of guests at a time.

Easy to Use and Wash

The Ninja Master Prep is the ultimate study in simplicity. Just take it out of the box and start chopping or blending.

When it comes to washing, the work is just as easy. The Ninja PM easily disassembles and all removable parts are dishwasher safe.

Unlike traditional blenders, where you have to worry about being cut by the blades as you wash or food particles getting stuck under the blades, there are no such issues with the Ninja Master Prep.

It is definitely one of the best blenders you will ever use, and it works great for making frozen margaritas.

Drink-Making Demo


  • 16 ounce (2-cup) chopper bowl
  • 48 ounce pitcher
  • Lids for pitcher and chopper bowl are included
  • Stacked blade technology
  • A wide, no-slip base
  • 450 watts (don’t get the cheaper 400 watt)

Customer Reviews

The Ninja Master Prep is one of the most reviewed blenders on Amazon, with more than 7,500 reviews and a 4.5/5 rating.

Most of the reviews are positive, with glowing praise for its ice-crushing ability.

Other note its easy assembly and cleaning, affordable price, advanced technology, unique design, versatility and high quality blending among others.


If you are looking for a highly-proven compact and versatile blender than can not only blend your smoothies and crush ice to snow, but also help prepare your meals, then the Ninja Master Prep may be the right margarita blender for you.

At less than $50, it’s an honest bargain, too.

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