Margarita Machines: Rent or Purchase?

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So you love margaritas, but you aren’t certain if the best choice is to rent a machine for the occasional night or to buy your own margarita machine.

If you like to entertain with margaritas more than a 2-3 times a year, then it probably makes much more economic sense for you to buy a home margarita machine. Here’s why we say this.

Commercial Margarita Machines

First, it’s essential to be aware that there are two different kinds of margarita machines.

There are commercial margarita machines (or frozen drink machines), which are the kind used at bars and restaurants and are very high capacity. Some commercial margarita makers can serve two or more flavors at the same time. They can make fruit slushees, frozen margaritas, daiquiris and more.


Commercial margarita machines are also really expensive to purchase. If you need to make considerable amounts of multiple beverages at a time, you might be interested in renting a margarita machine such as the Grindmaster Crathco 3312. Smaller commercial machines that make one flavor at a time, such as the Bunn Ultra I, sell for around $1,600.

More in-between is the Dura Freeze 100, which runs just over $2,200. It only dispenses one flavor but has a higher capacity than some other one-drink margarita machines.

As these machines are quite expensive, they’re generally just used at companies including restaurants that serve large amounts of beverages all day, daily. They have a fat wallet and do not make sense for most people if you don’t entertain constantly.

Due to this, there is a thriving market for margarita machine rentals. Margarita machine rental companies like Margarita Man purchase professional commercial margarita machines and then lease them out to individuals for a party or gathering.

In this way you can do entertaining with a big-capacity frozen margarita machine without buying that enormously expensive machine you may not otherwise use. Most rental companies will deliver the machine free of charge. Some provide packages that include drink mix, cups, tequila, margarita salt and blending buckets.

In general, you’ll pay at least $100-200 to rent a margarita machine for one day. If you want a more fancy machine, such as one that can make two or three different drinks you’ll pay more. More than a few companies charge $200-400 a night for a margarita machine lease. Margarita machine rentals are pricey on Fridays, typically most economical on weekdays, and priciest on Saturdays. But some companies have deals where you are able to rent the machine for one flat cost for a complete weekend.

Buying A Margarita Machine

Margaritaville DM 0500 – About $190

In case you determine you don’t want to purchase a commercial margarita machine and you hate the idea of spending $200 to lease a machine for one night of enjoyment, then buying a home margarita machine may be the right answer.

Some smaller units such as the Margarator only cost around $100. Higher-end units can cost in excess of $500. Almost every residential margarita machine can make at least one gallon of drinks.

If you entertain at least a couple of times a year, then it makes economic sense to spend the $200 you’d have spent on renting a machine and buy yourself a home margarita machine.

The advantages of owning your own margarita maker are many, but most of all you have more choice. You can use your machine every time you get together with friends, such as:

  • swimming
  • camping trips
  • parties
  • barbeques
  • birthdays
  • New Years
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • and more.

You don’t have to make alcoholic drinks, by the way. The new home margarita machines make awesome smoothies and slushies, too.

A margarita machine is the gift you give yourself that keeps on giving; the only major recurring expenses are tequila and margarita mix. If you choose to rent a machine, then you’ll continue shelling out those Benjamins, every time.

The Bottom Line

Buying a home margarita machine pays for itself in only one or two uses. Plus, it could make your house the new go-to spot for social activities.

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  1. Will the Home machines keep your beverage frozen or are they just fancy blenders?

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